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After decades of murderous violence to survive day to day by taking human souls, five cold blooded killers will come to the decision that their lives have been wrong since the day they were turned. Their brutal, predatory actions were unforgivable in their minds and each knows they want more than the killing and blood and death that make up each of their nights.

“We were hard-wired different at our turning,” vampire Jason Sullivan explains. “Somehow part of humanity stayed with us and after a long, cold period of insanity, we were able to find it again...”

Live human. Be human.

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Short Stories - The Dead Men Series
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Pre ReleaseBystander

A Novella
Released in Paperback December 15, 2015. Read the excerpt!

I could not put BYSTANDER down!
Jacqui Jacoby writes sexy, smart, funny, suspense
that had me hooked from the first page.
as they reclaim their future…

–Julie Rowe, author of DEADLY STRAIN


The story of five best friends, the villains they face and the love they find in a four book series. Premiering in the summer of 2015 and running through the summer of 2017. Come join Ian, Jason, Travis, Quinn and Evan, and watch to see if their plan will take them through to the end.

Dead Men Play The Game - Rankings on Amazon and Kindle

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Short Stories

Midsummer's Night

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Just a Phone Call Away…
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Wireless Connection…
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» In the Media, Jacqui Jacoby's Author page with links to upcoming book signings, features in the media, interviews, blog posts, and more
» Workshops by Jacqui Jacoby - Next up? RWA's 2016 Desert Dream's Writer's Conference presentation of Lessons of Firefly.

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Jacqui's book cover for Dead Men Play the Game

Dead Men Play the Game

Book I of THE DEAD MEN Series*

Live human.
Be human
Released in Paperback July 1, 2015

Enjoy Dead Men Play the Game. Order yours today...
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Dead Men Play the Game
July 1, 2015

Magic Man
October 15, 2015

Soon to be Released

December 15, 2015

Seal the Deal
February 1, 2016

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