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:: Jacqui's Bio ::

Jacqui Jacoby - WriterWhen asked how she got started in writing, Jacqui Jacoby looks a little confused. “Actual writing? You mean like pen to paper?” she wants to know. “Not until about 1989... April in fact. My son was eleven months old, my daughter about three. I’d been out of school for a year and a half, and I was going a little batty. So, finally, I began to write down the stories that had been playing in my head.” Back in the 70’s when they still called Junior High, Junior High and not Middle School, Jacqui used to take TV series she liked and rework the characters and plot, maybe kill someone off, add someone new. Today this is called ‘fan fiction’ and is a popular form of Internet entertainment.

But when Starskey & Hutch was still on the air and Shaun Cassidy was the heart throb of the day, it was just sorta weird. “My problem was–and still is, in fact–” says Jacqui, “is that when I work dialogue, my lips move. Sometimes I even talk to myself and use hand gestures and facial expressions. My kids know that when they see me doing this, don’t bother me. But back in the 70’s... it was just strange. Try sitting in gym class with your lips moving and see if everyone around you doesn’'t move.”

These days, Jacqui spends most days at her computer ​with a cat​, working on everything from the next book to the social media to short non-fiction. “The most fun, though, is the research,” she says. “I’ve worked with rock bands and spoken to the CIA to get info for books. One of the reasons I took martial arts for so many years is because I can’t stand heroines who are weak and sniveling. I don’t mind a hero showing up in the nick of time to save the day, but I want the heroine to be able to take care of herself,” she says.

Now, with the kids grown, she managers her career and her own firm Body Count Productions, Inc. ​She is a workshop ​presenter who has appeared both live and online to give such classes as “From Austin to Aliens: How to Create Classic Tough Chicks” and “Behind the Scenes: The Research Before the Book.”

Book signing at Dessert Dreams Conference-2014First Place Winner of the Daphne du Maurier Award in Excellence​, as well as the Suzannah and the Dixie for her books, she is a RWA Golden Heart Finalst and the author of numerous article​s​ which​ have appeared in newsletters and on blogs around the word.


Book signing for With a Vengeance at Desert Dreams Conference, 2014


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