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“I remember having a writer ask me once what he should write to make a ton of money. I told him: ‘Ransom notes.’”
                                                                                                                --Unknown Agent

Jacqui was featured in RWA's Las Vegas Cactus Rose Chapter's newsletter, SANDSCRIPTS, One on One Author Interview.
You can read it here!


The life as a working writer at fifty is just a tad bit different than life as a working writer at thirty, with three kids underfoot. For one thing, no Sesame Street. It took me six weeks when the last kid went to kindergarten to figure out why I had such sever writers block. I was used to listening to Kermit in the background while I worked. These days, no frog, and no more kids, though they visit often.

I miss them and the family game nights and the martial arts tournaments we used to attend. Those were good times and we were tight. But they grew up and they found their own lives. And it freed time to be able to put more hours into the stories, the workshops, the writing in any form.

Cats are the big thing now and I write with five. Yes, some on my desk, some on feet and some down the hall. It is not uncommon to find them keyboard. I took a “Are you a Crazy Cat Lady Quiz” and yes, I did score ten out of ten.

This last week we celebrated the release of Magic Man, a book long in production and winner of seven awards. It was a quiet affair of friends and family as we are in the middle of a move and we wanted to go low key. Even so, the wine had a Celtic flare, the cake was decoratedóas tradition dictatesówith the cover of the book, and putting aside the pretty crystal knife we usually use, grand-daughter Kylie used a butter knife to take her third of the cake, looking pretty damn cute as she did it.

The cats were here, too, of course.

The Dead Men make me happy. Magic Man makes me happy, and I am really excited about the December release of Bystander. I loved that little book. We’ll have a party then, too.

Please feel free to drop me a line. You always reach me on Twitter or my Facebook Author Page. Or just an e-mail. I answer all own mail and will get back to you. I promise
Jacqui's cats - and inspiration

went to sleep
January 11, 2016

When I was taking a nap, he typed 4962 page of spaces in my ms, by sleeping on the keyboard.

I will miss him.


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