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Rockapella 1Rockapella
at the Soiled Dove

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It has been six years since I first saw Rockapella take the stage, and though the clothing may have changed, along with the hair styles, a member altered here and others added there, it is still the most high energy evening a person can find.

I asked one of the band members once what it was they liked about being on stage. His answer: “Live performing is the most fun thing to do in the world. Studio work is tedious, extracting, frequently boring and hopefully artistic ... performing live is where we get immediate feedback to our work ... ”

Not to mention where the band members themselves get to see the dedicated fans, who keep coming back for more. With ages ranging from seven to seventy, fans both old and new can tell just by watching Rockapella on stage how much fun these five guys are having.

Starting the show offstage, Scott began solo with the first notes of ‘I Am Your Man,’ and was joined behind the stage lights as each of the other members added their own vocal parts to the bands unusual sound. Next they introduced themselves and gave a short explanation that all of their music is done on stage with no instrumental backup, before moving into play list of the night.

The show consisted of new classics such as ‘People Change’ and ‘This Isn't Love’ combined with the old favorites like ‘Long Cool Woman’, ‘Kingdom of Shy’ and ‘Zombie Jamorbee’, as well as previews of their upcoming Christmas album with ‘Silver Bells' and ‘White Christmas’, all sung between friendly bantering between the band members themselves and the band members and the audience.

Kevin gave a brief discussion on his daughter’s potty training antics, which became a joke when they tried to exchange ‘pee’ for ‘be’ on ‘Where Would We Be?’. Scott had his show down with Barry over who’s the toughest in the band. Elliot described how his Scottish wife thinks he talks too much. “You're a budgie,” he explained she calls him, using her native terminology. And Jeff’s one minute, fifty-five second solo during ‘Carmen Sandiego’ could put most drum greats to shame.

Midway through the show, Elliot introduced what he called Rockapella’s biggest hit: ‘The Folgers Commercial Theme’ and after the song muttered “sad, but true,” a remark that got a laugh from the crowd.

And what would a Rockapella concert be without a “Pretty Woman?” The mysterious Nancy filled the bill of Kevin’s search through the crowd for what he called “a Swedish blond ....” She wouldn’t give her last name or profession, but she was willing to give Barry a great big bear hug on stage.

It was a cool night, both inside where the music was great, and outside where the Denver skies gave their first rain of the season. More than one fan was heard describing the traffic trouble that had to be endured to see the show. One family went so far as to travel hundreds of miles, only to be stopped at the city limits as they were stuck in two hours of traffic and pouring rain with a map that didn't help them navigate the city streets. “We got lost three times just trying to find the hotel, let alone the Soiled Dove,” they said with a smile after the show.
Rockapella 2

Was it worth it for them? Said their seven-year-old little girl, “I love seeing Rockapella ...”

Out of the mouths of babes, I suppose. Because in the end, up on stage, there were five nice guys who made awesome music and who remembered their fans, remembered their faces and, when the show was over, were willing to let their dinner get cold while they let those fans snap a few pictures of them with their kids.

Photos by Jacqui Jacoby




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