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Golden HEart Award FInalist banner and link

bullet 1Jacqui´s Favs

» Lessons From the Giants
» Writer's Spawn

bullet 2The Act Series

» Act One: Scene One – The Characrters
» Act One: Scene Two – The Plot Thickens
» Act One: Scene Three – Settings and Senses
» Act Two: Scene One – ...Say What?
» Act Two: Scene Two – Things that Go Bump in the Night
» Act Two: Scene Three – The Last Mile

bullet 3Biographical

» Beyond Rebecca: The Life of Daphne du Maurier
» Neil Jacoby
» Last Days of Peter Duel
» Last Days of Alexander Godunov

bullet 4Historical

» The Ghosts of Lincoln


bullet 5Self Defense

» Closing the Distance
» Watch Out. I'm Armed!!
» Tough Chicks: Heroines in Today’s Market

bullet 6Writing-Related

» Three's a Charm
» Reinventing the Wait
» Keeping It Going
» A Room of Her Own
» The Professional Newbie
» Writing/Submitting/Hoping

bullet 7Miscellaneous

» My Real Job
» Rockapella at the Soiled Dove
» Schmoozing in San Francisco




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